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COMDIAL DX80 32 Button Digital Display/Speakerphone (7260-00) Refurbished

COMDIAL DX80 32 Button Digital Display/Speakerphone  (7260-00)  Refurbished
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Name: COMDIAL DX80 32 Button Digital Display/Speakerphone (7260-00) Refurbished
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Serial Number: 7260-00
Manufacturer Name: COMDIAL

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COMDIAL DX80 32 Button Digital Display/Speakerphone (7260-00) refurbished with new line and handset cord, DESI label and one year warranty.  


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The DX-80 has one model digital telephone called the Digital Executive Telephone (Part Number 7260-00 ). The DET provides:
? a half-duplex speakerphone for hands-free conversations,
? a two-row by sixteen column (32-character), dot-matrix, supertwist, Liquid Crystal Display(LCD)
? three interactive buttons to enhance system feature operation.

The supertwist LCD eliminates the need for contrast adjustment, and enhances clarity of displayed data using an angled viewing position. Since the DX-80 includes Caller ID (CID) as a standard feature, the LCD also provides every designated ringing extension with CID data for incoming CO line calls. Note: CID requires a subscription from the servicing telephone company.  The display also provides a visual reference to call progress and call duration, as well as time and date information. The display enables the user to send and receive visual advisory and callback messages.

Users may select from six pre-programmed messages (i.e., ?IN A MEETING,? ?OUT OF OFFICE?), or they may create a custom message. Callers from other DETs to an extension with a message activewill receive the visual advisory message on their LCD display. 
Each digital speakerphone has 30 programmable Feature Buttons to aid the user by providing direct access to system features and resources. There are also three interactive buttons and 8 fixed function buttons. Note: The volume button bar represents two operations: volume up and volume down.

Each DET is equipped standard with a 2.5 millimeter headset jack. Users can toggle their speaker-phone operation in and out of a special ?headset mode?. This mode allows the user to easily activate the headset jack via the ON/OFF button as an alternative to using the speakerphone. Thus, headset mode is easily enabled or disabled so that users can quickly select between use of the headset or speak-erphone operations. Note: The DET must be idle to change this setting.

Each speakerphone is also equipped with a status lamp to aid in user operations. The lamp is dual color (red / green) and indicates various modes of operation, such as messages/voice messages waiting, incoming calls - distinctive for CO and intercom, in-use indication for speakerphone mode, headset mode, etc.

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